1.0.4 Released

We’ve released another update to Hum.

We’ve added a whole settings panel for when we ship Dropbox syncing (it’s coming!).
In the meantime we’ve had a few crashers pop up and we’re doing our best to get rid of them. Growing pains! This release will automatically send us usage statistics to help us figure out where some of them are. If you’d like to opt out tap the settings button at the lower right of your library and flip the “Usage Statistics” switch. We’ll be collecting anonymous data like how many Hums y’all are recording. How often you use the app. How long your average song is, stuff like that. Again, you can turn it off in two taps.

You can also kill the recording countdown if that was bugging you. Personally, I’ve always needed about 4 seconds to get situated, to set my phone on my knee, get my dogs to stop barking, etc. If you don’t need it, flip the switch.

You can also prefer sharps or flats now when specifying keys and tunings. We originally included a nice natural mix. I prefer calling certain notes C# but also refer to others as Bb. Now you can prefer either.

If you get stuck we’ve added a help section. You can call (for real, it’s just my phone number), email, or tweet at us. If you’re ever having a problem we want to hear about it. It’s the only way we can improve Hum.

We’ve also added a translation in Portuguese. If something doesn’t look right there let us know. Same goes for our Swedish translation.

As always, have a look at the detailed release notes. We’ll keep chasing those crashers and getting Hum to be as stable as possible. Look for a 1.0.5 very soon.