1.0.3 Released

As far as minor updates goes, this one is pretty significant. We added a few little usability improvements that really add up. On top of that, we fixed a bunch of little bugs that you can always find detailed on our releases page.

We got rid of the confirm / dismiss screen every time you record something. Now it just accepts the recording automatically. Our initial assumption was that if you blew a chord, it’d get you into a new recording quicker. We ended up creating a barrier to capturing ideas by doing so, so we stripped it. We’d rather any friction in our app to be during deletion, not creation.

Sliders now have tick marks that allow you to be a little more precise. It gives you some context for sliding. This control is something we’d like to open source, so keep your eyes open for something like that after we add our Dropbox support.

Slider Ticks

Looks good, right?

Thanks to Peter Steinberger and his wonderful PSPDFTextView library, we’ve improved our Lyrics & Notes fields. Your text cursor will no longer be hidden underneath the keyboard if you’re at the last line of your lyrics or notes.

You’ll also notice that the lyrics field is now called “Title & Lyrics”. A surprising (to us, anyway) amount of users weren’t discovering that the first line you typed in the lyrics field became the title of your Hum. Again, in regards to friction, we don’t want to have to show any dialogs like “Give your Hum a title”. It’d only get in the way of capturing an idea. We really think this is the best way to title something. Just write. Hopefully this will help our users discover that.

Oh, and to all our Swedish users, who we were shocked were so many, we’ve added a translation for you. If you’re a multilingual musician and want to help translate Hum, please email me!

For all those users that are running iOS7.1 betas, pay close attention to these updates. We don’t officially support beta operating systems, but have a gander. Some annoyances should now be fixed for you.