Hum Will Be Available on January 27th

Good news, everyone! Hum has been approved by Apple. It’ll be available on the App Store Monday, January 27. AND, for a limited time, it’ll only be $1.99.

Until then, we need help spreading the word. Help us tell everyone you know whose phone is filled with voice memos that there’s a better way to keep your riffs organized. Tell them that their lyrics no longer need to sit next to grocery lists and reminders. Post about us on Facebook. Tweet about us. Help us tell everyone about Hum. Tell your neighbor who won’t ever stop playing the guitar, or that guy who plays the flute while walking his dog. Tell hip-hoppers and indie rockers, jazz trios and djent guitarists. Tell ’em all…please.

Release Notes

We’re very proud of Version 1.0. We’ve named it “Algiers” after Calexico’s latest effort. Their record was played incessantly during Hum’s development, and it’s really great. You can see the progress we took to get here by reading our release notes.


We don’t want to give away too much of our roadmap. I assure you we have big plans, but we’d rather delight and surprise when new features land in the app store.

That said, we don’t ever want you to lose any of your ideas. Ever. We can’t think of anything more heartbreaking than losing even a single idea.

Therefore, our next big feature will be enabling Dropbox syncing. It will be a free update. You’ll be able to plug in your Dropbox account and Hum will keep your library synced and backed up. That way, if your phone gets stolen or lost, you’ll always be able to restore your library from your copy on Dropbox.

Lastly, we’d like to tip our hats to our beta testers. You played a big part in making Hum great.

Thanks, everyone.