Advanced Sorting

Advanced Sorting

We’ve added some more sorting options to the latest version of Hum (That’s 1.5 if you’re keeping score). A bunch of you have been asking for major / minor tonality, and now you’ve got it. All the Hums in your library will now display ‘maj’ or ‘min’ next to the key, if you’ve added one. You’ll find those buttons next to a newly-redesigned keys view.

You’ll also notice you can now add arbitrary color-coding to your Hums. This’ll help you keep track of things now that your libraries are all getting a little bigger. For example, you might want to add a blue color to all your solo songs, or red to your band’s songs. Or maybe you’d like to add orange to all your finished songs. That kind of thing. Of course, you’ll be able to sort by those colors too, so you can easily group them together—and audition them. Or actually finish them!


One last thing: You can also pin songs to the top of your libraries. Sorting by Last Edited has always gotten you pretty close, but now you can pin certain songs at the top regardless of when they were last edited or created.