1.2 Released

We’ve got a big update for you all. We’ve named 1.2 after the Bad Bad Hats’ release “It Hurts”. It’s such a great EP, and you all need to listen to it right now. A few months back we shot a Liner Notes with them. We’ll get that cut together and posted soon!

With the release of iOS8 and the bigger iPhone 6 and 6+, we had to change a lot under the hood with Hum’s layout. These changes allowed us to revisit our song view and add some better navigation within it.


Song View Changes

Instead of three little dots, we’ve given each section a tappable icon and moved it into the navigation bar. Like always, your title is the first line of the lyrics, but now we bold the text automatically to make it a little more clear. We just love that we don’t have a separate field for ‘title’. Just write. Hum will help title and keep you organized.

With all the layout changes, we get landscape orientation for free. We’ve also allowed for you to use your phone upside down, in case you want to point your phone’s mic at your bassist, for example.

Many of Hum’s users are in dim clubs, green rooms, and other places with less-than-ideal lighting. We’ve increased the contrast throughout Hum, picking a thicker version of our typeface, and making sure highlighted states are darker.


Sorting Changes

We’ve squashed all sorts of bugs as well. For our central european users, some characters were showing up pretty garbled in their lyrics. That got fixed, and so did a lot of little crashers. Our inline player is a little more robust too.



As with any major release, there might be some rough edges that we didn’t catch. If you have any troubles, use Hum to send some feedback in your Settings screen.

Oh, one more thing. We now support dynamic text. If you change the size of the text on your device, Hum will now honor that type size. Sweet!

One of the larger type sizes available on iOS.

One of the larger type sizes available on iOS.

Enjoy! Download Hum on the App Store.